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Why Some Women Can’t Stand It if You Take Them From Behind

Sex from behind isn’t always an orgasmic joy, but you need to know why.

Chances are, you don’t even know that your partner doesn’t enjoy sex from behind. They might not say or signal it, either because they don’t care much about the sex you have or they want you to finish as quickly as possible and know how to get rid of you fast.

See, if you’re a woman having sex from behind, you can count on two things:

He will finish fast.
He will almost certainly leave you alone after he pulled out.
Sex from behind can be awfully rewarding, but in many cases, it isn’t. I had more than one friend complain to me about how awful it is and why they wouldn’t give a guy a second chance if he keeps on doing it.

Here is what my female friends had to say:

‘Men who want to have sex from behind are selfish’
Indeed, it’s kinda selfish to push her around and enter from behind. We know that you do it for the visuals and it’s easier for you to penetrate that way, but sometimes you just come off selfish, because your actions speak louder than your words.

Women don’t enjoy sex with selfish men. Over time we feel used and replaceable. If it’s just for you, it’s usally not for us. Sex with a selfish guy is worse than no sex.

‘You’re not in love in us’
You’re not in love with us.

You don’t want to see our faces.

You don’t think we’re pretty

You don’t like our face.

All these sentences fall into the same category. Based on the fact that you choose the back of your head over your face is a pretty clear sign that you don’t want the intimacy women to crave during sex.

Sex to you is an emotionless, passionless, raw act. In other words, you only care about our pussy and not about our face.

More than one friend felt that way when they only had sex from behind or their partner preferred sex from behind.

‘He just want’s to slap her body in yours’
Some men are just fine with the slapping of body parts and don’t care about the face or the person they’re having sex with too much. Women who had more than one guy treating them like a bag of meat know this.

We’re not toys playing us that way usually is a miss because she won’t keep up with it for long. Sex without passion or connection sucks. For women, sex is more than just physical satisfaction.

‘You secretly want to open the backdoor’
We know what you’re doing, trust me — one hole doesn’t feel like the other. Yet, many of my friends consider it a major red flag if you’re talking them into sex positions from behind.

“They take you from behind and than they just slide in without asking. I had this happen more than once to me,” a friend told me.

“I hate, when a guy gets behind me and rubs his dick against my ass. I know that he’s not there for the pussy,” another friend said.

Women are smarter than you think they are. We realize the hints you give. Yet, you shouldn’t take the backdoor without asking. Many women experience painal. If you use the backdoor without asking, she might slam it into your face, and you’re never fulfilling that anal wish of yours.

‘He’s not good at sex and he knows’
“Listen, I had sex with that guy and it worse than you could imagine. I guess he know how mad he was and he couldn’t face me,” a friend assumed.

If insecurity is the reason, you’re only having sex from behind — STOP. Face your demons and your partner during sex. You notice so much more when you’re not behind, but able to see your partner’s face during intercourse. Communication is much easier, and you can tell right away if your partner enjoys sex with you or not.

‘I am not tight enough for him’
Tightness is a major concern for many women. Will some obsess with Kegels, others simply squeeze their legs together and prey for their partner not to comment. No woman wants to be the loose fit that you can take from behind.

‘He might be cheating’
Best friends are as toxic as some of the best romantic relationships you ever had. It’s tough to be friends with women, especially if they don’t want the best for each other.

I remember a friend bringing up cheating in a conversation we had with other girls about sex from behind. The friend who was asking was horrified.

“You really think that’s why he doesn’t want to face me,” she asked, and the rest of us had to calm her down.

As it turned out, cheating wasn’t the reason behind his behavior. She had rejected sex in other positions, and he assumed she liked it best from behind because she didn’t want to be on top of him.

Now, you might wonder if there’s still a chance to have great sex from behind, and I can tell you that there is. Sex from behind, much like any other sex act or position, is only as bad or as good as the person you’re having it with. Women adore you if you know how to have great sex from behind.

Sex positions from behind are typically praised by men, but women can enjoy sex from behind as well. Sometimes we appreciate a little less eye contact. And other than some studies suggest, female orgasms are possible in this position (…)

Doggy style, sex against a wall, and reverse cowgirl are just three of the many positions you could perform in. Change things up as much as you can to figure out what you like best and what you enjoy least. The depth and strength angle of the penetration might vary from position to position.

Sex from behind works well when you:

Know her angles
Stimulate her clit
Add toys
Offer variety
Make love
Know her angles. Some women do, and others don’t know her angles. What you should keep in mind is that’s easier from behind to reach her G-spot than from the front. If you’re behind, you can dictate the depth and speed of the penetration. Make sure that’s not about you but more about her.

Sex from behind is the easiest and fastest way to stimulate her G-spot, give her an orgasm, and get her comfortable without the pressure of facing you during intercourse(…)

While you penetrate from behind, she has two hands to stimulate herself. Sex from behind is the best way to self-stimulate, grind, hump, or use a toy during intercourse(…)

There’s no blame in bending your partner over to seek this intense pleasure. Many women report more intense orgasms when they’re penetrated from behind compared to other positions.

Taking it slow can be a game changer. Sex becomes more loving and kind, and it’s easier to touch and for your partner better to enjoy. Instead of hard, try slow thrusts to minimize the pain and maximize pleasure.

Clitoral stimulation makes sex worth the effort. It shows your partner that you’re willing to go the extra mile and truly know women and what they’re into. Most of us lack clitoral stimulation during sex.

Add sex toys for her and your pleasure. Sex toys like cock rings offer benefits for both partners:

Cock rings are the best of both worlds: they vibrate, and you can wear them. What is there not to love about this little gadget of joy? You can test them during masturbation and use them during sex. They improve your performance, make sex more pleasurable for your partner and keep your penis up.

The circular band fits perfectly around your penis and works wonders. Your partner might find it easier to cum with a cock ring than without because the additional pleasure is mutual. Yet, unlike a dildo, you don’t have to hold the cock ring. It’s at the base of your penis and does all the work for you.

Variety and novelty are what most people miss during sex. If you’re a good, passionate lover you know how important it is to add different flavors to sex and surprise your partner. Falling into a routine can damage your relationship and bore your partner.

Instead, suggest new positions, and introduce your partner to rough sex or vanilla play. Whatever it is you fancy or they might like, give it a shot and see how far it takes you. Trying something once doesn’t hurt if you’re with a loving and kind partner.

Make love to your partner from behind. There isn’t an excuse that holds up against making love. Especially not, when you’re behind your partner and they submit to your pleasure. Women want to be seen and cared about during sex. Make love to your partner as much as you can, and forget about the awful porn sex you watched.

Kiss her neck, touch breasts, or massage her clit gently. Those are all things that could add volume to the experience and make her enjoy it and love you even more.

Why do girls like sex from behind?
Quora users answer.

Emily Smith
I love it because it goes deeper, the balls hitting my clit feels amazing(when on all four) the ability to pull my hair and squeeze my nipples are easier, and it’s the best position for a quickie when you need one, especially when wearing a dress or skirt.

Downfall is when the guy is larger! I can’t take it all for a longtime in that position.

Deepti Desai
hmm i liked very much , because of 3 reason

The penetration is very tight

feel like some one entering forcefully

feel like i am very happy

feel cool when semen is leaked in anal hole

feel relaxed when i go for vaginal sex

Sex from behind can be a pitfall. As men point us, sex from behind feels great, and women tend to agree with it. For some reason, you’re tighter, and the penetration is deeper.

Some positions are more comfortable than when you have to face your partner. Yet, sex from behind still raises a few eyebrows. In some cases, it gets women suspicious. You can’t outrun their suspicions, but you shouldn’t fear the conversations. It’s important to talk about the sex you have and the sex you don’t like. If you’re concerned, have a conversation with your partner about it.

I suggest not taking the partner’s comments too personally. What she feels might not only be related to you but also to the men she had sex with before you. Get to the bottom of what she doesn’t like.

Some women hate sex from behind because they associate it with the most horrifying, non-consensual encounters they had. Online messaging boards are filled with stories about non-consensual sex. The same goes for my friends. A friend of mine had sex against her will, and the guy entered from behind. So be aware that the conversation might not be as smooth as you picture it to be.

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