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What You Must Know Before You Have Period SexTampons are a sweet relief!

When you’re considering sex on your period, it can be helpful to learn from other people’s experiences before making your own.

Period sex isn’t always predictable. Having it on purpose is challenging for women or men. Smells, textures, and stains turn it into a unique experience. Sex on your period ranges from a bloody masquer to red marks on the sheets.

Whether or not to have it is up to you. Although other women do it all the time, you don’t have to do it. Not all women desire their partner in their bloody week. Yet, having sex on your period has the following benefits:

  • Orgasm reliefs your cramps
  • Lubrication is sufficient
  • Periods increase your sex drive
  • Sex shortens your period

Orgasms relieve period cramps, migraines, and overall discomfort. An orgasm is a natural pain killer. The orgasmic waves of arousal travel through your body, release tension, and increase your blood flow while your mind chases new heights. Sex lifts your mood and conceals your temper.

Tampax noted that period sex is amazing because the blood offers natural lubrication. If you’re challenged to get wet enough, you can leave these worries behind on your period.

Periods increase your sex drive. Feeling extra horny isn’t a strange feeling to women when they’re bleeding. Not only the blood but also the overall lubrication increases. Tampons and pads cannot take it all away. Yet, you’re often left with a need for relief when on your period. Science hasn’t found reasons why women are horny on their period.

“Maybe it’s for our relationship or just to feel good,” told Nicole Bullock, D.O., an Ob/Gyn in Texas, Refinery29, after she said: “Having increased sex drive during menses may not make sense from a reproductive standpoint, but maybe our great creator knew that.”

Sex, penetrative sex, in particular, pumps pleasure on your body and pushes out blood. Yes, you read that right — nasty. But orgasms might shorten your period. When your orgasm, your pelvic muscles contract. Blood flushes out of your body. The penis does do the rest of the work.

Where to begin when having period sex

Talking is the best place to start. Before you have sex on your period, you should talk about it with your partner through. Not all people are comfortable seeing blood during sex or getting in touch with it.

If you’re sensitive to blood, period sex might not be the best option.

Besides the visuals, there’s the smell and the potential clean-up you have to face.

Period sex is unpredictable. You never know how much blood runs out until it’s running. Especially if you’re wearing tampons, period sex might be a shock. Am I bleeding that hard? Also, your bleeding increases right after sex, and the mixture of semen and period blood is a particular smell.

Focus on the sex and forget the blood

The lubrication is insane, the blood won’t kill you, and the pain relief is terrific. When you want to claim the benefits, you need to get rid of your doubts.

Missionary, spooning, or spooking offer the comfort of physical touch and closeness. You won’t see much and feel a lot. In contrast, doggy style or reverse cowgirl show too much and offer too little comfort.

We all enjoy feeling more than we see. So, if you’re having trouble with finding the right fit, turn the switch the lights off and enjoy your partner blind.

Have sex in the water

You bleed less underwater. How do I know these? My younger self is guilty of leaving the tampon at home while swimming in the sea. If your period isn’t strong, black bikinis are enough to keep you clean.

Having sex underwater is an option during your sex. The shower and the bathtub match period horny couples. What happens there, stays there.

Using the showerhead offers additional pleasure. Women enjoy the prickling sensation of a showerhead between their legs. Washing the blood off afterward can be equally rewarding.

Leave the tampon in during foreplay

There’s no need to pull the plug if you ain’t ready.

Porn stars wear soft tampons during sex. They’re not the easiest to get out. Soft tampons are similar to beauty blenders in size. Getting them in is easy, but removing them is challenging — especially for a woman.

If you don’t want your partner to pull the plug, you shouldn’t use a soft tampon. A regular tampon during sex is painful. The pain ranges from discomfort to unbearable. Tampons are rough sex partners. You feel them immediatly when he shoots them up, and they usally take up too much space to enjoy sex.

Tampons and soft tampons don’t offer protection. Keep in mind that you’re period doesn’t prevent you from getting pregnant.

A tampon during foreplay keeps the sheets clean. Usually, you’re wet enough to enjoy his fingers. If he’s careful enough and his fingers don’t get twisted in the cord, he might be able to penetrate you with a tampon. I can’t deny the pleasure here.

The risks of period sex

How risky is period sex?

Your period doesn’t prevent pregnancy or shield you from receiving STDS.

“For those who are positive for hepatitis, HIV, or have known STIs, the possibility of transmission of diseases that are bloodborne is increased because of the presence of blood,” told Jessica Shepherd, MD, an ob-gyn in Texas, Health.

Should he wear a condom?

Some pirates enjoy the red sea, but cleaning the period blood of your dick is hardly as sexy as you desire. If he cums inside of you, it even gets messier.

Do we need lube?

I doubt that. Your period offers enough lubrication to welcome his dick and keep you going.

Messiness is the only downside

Messiness is the main concern of period sex.

When we think about sex, we desire it to be as clean as possible.

Periods mess with this idea. Even if you have it under the shower, your partner will see and ‘touch’ your period blood. For some women, that’s a major concern.

The idea of your smelly period blood on your partner adds to the pile of insecurities. What if he’s disgusted by me? Or he stops because of the blood.

INTIMINA spoke to 500 people between the ages of 18 and 50 and found that 82% of women have sex on their period. Research suggests that sex alleviates some symptoms of PMS, like cramping, and you have natural lubrication. 58% said they enjoy having period sex and only 10% said they find it disgusting.

Forbes highlighted the concerns of period sex in an article, quoting Dr. Alyssa Dweck, INTIMINA’s Women’s Sexual and Reproductive expert.

57% of the people INTIMINA spoke to said the mess did bother them but 74% said they still do it in bed. By laying down a towel and choosing sex positions that work with gravity, like missionary and spooning, you’ll minimize the clean up afterward.

Pain relief and the shared intimacy trade high among the reasons to have sex on your period. The disgust peels off with the increase of arousal. As studies suggest, the more aroused we are, the lower our disgust is. Women who have regular orgasms are usually less distracted by bodily fluids.

26% of people who spoke to INTIMINA said they feel horny all the time during their period. 32% said they feel horny often on their period and 34% said they feel horny sometimes on their period.

What men think about period sex

What do the guys think? This question inspired a Bustle article to dig a little deeper and ask men the burning question. And, are you disgusted guys?

Period sex made some of the guys creative. While washing her period sex off their bodies inspired Aiden and his girlfriend for a second round, Sam talked his long-distance girlfriend into having period sex: “It had been so long and I wanted her so bad that I didn’t care.”

Kyle noted that periods make quick party sex complicated, and Keith was entertained by having his first: “I met a girl while I was on vacation who told me she had never had sex on her period — which she happened to have just as things were heating up. So I told her that I had never had sex in a hot tub. We both experienced some firsts that night.”

Other guys, asked by Bustle, noted that they had their best sex with a woman on their period.

Steve’s answer stood out: “We just laid together, legs intertwined, and the blood ran down my thighs. I felt such intense love for her having shared that experience with me.”

Period sex is intimate, another first that forces you to let your guard down. The internet suggests that most women aren’t bothered by the blood. Yes, oral sex might be off the charts, but fingering, anal sex, or penetration are possible options. The additional lubrication fuels the experience.

Women have period sex with women

Ariana shared her oral experience on her period:

In our year of casual sex, before I came out of the closet, there wasn’t a single time where one of us having our period stopped us from having sex. It amuses me now to think about it, but when I brought it up to her for the first time I was shocked at how cavalier she was about it(…)

There were even times where I would take a quick shower, put in a tampon after, and she would go down on me. My sexual relationship with Keri made me realize that there was nothing weird or taboo about fucking during that time of the month, even though every man in my life had made me feel like it was dirty.

A period isn’t a reason to stop having sex. Dating women doubles the odds for period sex. Women are usually more comfortable with their periods when they’re with a woman than with a man. Having sex on your period is more common when you’re a woman dating a woman.

Lesbians aren’t protected from awkward period sex moments, like an article in Cosmo suggests. The descriptions in the article range from ‘bloody murder scenes’ to undesired vampire facials.

“When we turned the lights back on, it looked liked someone had actually been shot and bled out on their guest bed. Being young and dumb, I tried to use bleach to get the stains out, which then left huge, white stains in the sheets,” told Mary Cosmo.

Being with a woman doesn’t make the experience less awkward. Yet, we can learn from the experiences that having messy sex is normal. It stretches across the borders of sexuality and crashes the picture-perfect picture of sex we wrongfully worship.

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