Tuesday, August 9, 2022

This Unconventional Path Will Make You a Lot of Money Online


Because content is just a way to show people who you are. People pay for products and services from people they feel like they know or understand.

If you’re not publishing content, then your online business is no different from a brick wall without a heart or soul.

Content helps people know you and that causes them to want to get in touch. That touchpoint is a message or signup to your email list. That allows you to share more content with them and build an automated relationship with them. Once you have a relationship with them then you can ask for permission to help them through email content.

Your content is a conversation. And conversation leads people to think, feel, and eventually spend their money online. There is so much fake advertising out there that we’ve been bombarded with for decades.

Social media brought rise to a whole new world of content creators — everyday people like you and me. Everyday people like you and me are in desperate demand when it comes to content.

There is so much fakery and perfection on social media that when you buck the trend, people can’t wait to interact with you and perhaps pay you for a solution you have to offer.

So if you understand how to be yourself and you can reveal that through content, you’re going to do pretty well online and find ways to make an income that previously looked impossible.

Michael Thompson said it to me best:

“It’s not like content creators like us had to look that hard for ways to make a living online.

The content was always going to do that for us if we could stick around for long enough. The platforms could disappear tomorrow but the content creators will always find another way.”

Learn how to create content people need.

Content Allows You to Explore Your Interests
Business is so boring. Fantasizing about numbers and sales figures is enough to put any human being to sleep. If you start with a business, unless you’re Jeff Bezos’ love child, you’ll probably get bored quickly.

The beauty of content creation is that it allows you to start with the thing you enjoy: your interest.

If I asked you to talk about your interest until you were blue in the face, I’m sure you’d have no worries. That’s the missing ingredient to making money online. People start with the thing they don’t truly love: money.

A Simple Guide to Content People Love

  • Lace your content with raw emotion
  • Share the opinions and stories of people you admire
  • Add practical tips to your content
  • Keep the content simple enough for a sixth-grader to understand (the world is complicated enough)
  • Show you’re a good human being through your actions
  • Speak your truth
  • Intertwine a tonne of compassion for others
  • Focus on content that is helpful, not money

People love what content does for them, and the person behind the content (if that person dares to care about them a lot).

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