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The Best “Get-Rich” Starting Point for People Not Born Into a Wealthy Family

Is money the root of all evil? Many people erroneously believe it is. They may not admit it, but it is a truth they hold dear to their heart.

This notion was supposedly taken from the Bible. However, it is incorrectly quoted. People say:

Money is the root of all evil

But the Bible says:

The love of money is the root of all evil

It is not about money. Money is an inanimate object. Money cannot love itself. The love of money is a characteristic of a person. Another word for this is avarice.

How is the love of money the root of all evil? Good question. Money is a tool. We desire money because of the things money can do. It is not wrong or bad to desire money for the things money can do. However, when a person desires money just to have more of it, then it becomes dangerous.

Someone who has the “love of money” syndrome does not care to lose his soul in the quest for money. In fact, they willingly sell their souls for money. There are those who do this from desperation. And there are those who do this from the desire to be superior.

Many think only rich people can be said to have sold their souls for money. But the reality is that more poor and average people have done that. And when a person’s soul is sold to money, evil things don’t look evil. They can create fancy explanations to defend bad actions. This is the reason it is the root of all evil.

Your moral compass is eroded when you are already blinded and biased with money. People sometimes make mistakes and bad choices, but those blinded by the love of money will defend the wrong in the face of money.

Here is the summary: if someone can make you change your mind about a stance or subject just by offering you money, you do have the “love of money”.

It means that if you are offered enough money, you can push someone in front of a moving truck “accidentally”. (This example is figurative but it can also be literal).

Money is neither good nor evil. Instead, it is people who expose who they really are (on the inside) with money.

So, when you hear someone try to quote this beside you, make the right adjustments. It is not; money is the root of all evil. Even this is quite confusing; the love of money is the root of all evil. I think this is better:

Avarice is the root of all evil

Avarice often springs out of lack of money. It also springs from the lack of how to make money and grow rich. Why don’t you become rich so that you won’t be tempted by avarice?

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