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Here’s The Average Amount Of Sex People Are Having At Your Age

There’s really no such thing as the “right amount of sex” that you should be having, but if you’ve ever wondered how you stack...

Can One Word Predict the End of a Relationship?

According to relationship expert Esther Perel…yes.

Single People Need to Boycott These 5 Frustrating Dating Behaviours Immediately

Flaky people are unreliable. Unreliable people are undatable.

2 Simple Things to Give Amazing Oral Sex

Ask not what your lover can do for you…

These Foreplay Tips Will Put Any Woman in the Mood for Sex

Foreplay is your negotiation tool for sex

What Makes Someone Good at Sex?

What really makes someone good at sex if not the right person who can fully appreciate and match with you in the bedroom?

Donald Trump Is Smarter Than We Ever Gave Him Credit For

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve been played.

4 Things Women in Their 40’s Really Want in a Man

We’re not demanding. We just want what we want.

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