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Six Laws of Manhood That Everyone Should Live By

Real men don’t talk tough on the internet.

If One of These 7 Statements Applies to You, Don’t Date

The dating pool is full of undatable people — either they don’t care, or they just don’t know it yet.

The Ultimate Breast Massage

Howl Because breasts deserve a lover’s undivided attention

7 Quotes By The Dalai Lama That Will Change Your Mind

“Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.”

The 5 Sexiest Non-Physical Things Men Can Do for a Woman

Some days, I entirely believe my husband should win a “Sexiest Spouse of the Year” award. Men should grovel at his feet, beg to...

7 Reasons Why I Cheated on My Husband

Aside from lacking basic integrity

Does everything happen for a reason?

Looking at how we respond to the terrible fact that hard and horrible things happen to perfectly lovely people

How to Dress for Work When You Never Leave Home

The first rule is: Pretend you’re leaving

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