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Why the Stressed Brain Falls Back on Old Habits

Distressed dogs tend to repeatedly lick their forelegs and paws. Happy and healthy dogs also do this, but stressed dogs do it more. In...

Vitamin D for Covid-19: New Research Shows Promise

The study’s findings were significant — “spectacular” even, in the words of at least one expert commenter. A team of doctors at Reina Sofía University Hospital in...

How Identity—Not Ignorance—Leads to Science Denial

During the first months of the novel coronavirus outbreak, many rural parts of the U.S. did not experience the swell in caseloads or hospital...

Primal Sex: My satisfaction skyrocketed once I let…

My satisfaction skyrocketed once I let the primal back into the bedroom

Science Might Have Identified the Optimal Human Diet

Americans are notoriously unhealthy eaters. The so-called Western diet—one that adores meat, abhors fat, and can’t get enough of processed food — has dominated...

Why Being Fit Requires Making Lifestyle Changes

So I started Chloe Ting’s challenge to see if the internet sensation lives up to the hype. She has multiple workout challenges on her...

Why Being Fit Requires Making Lifestyle Changes

I’m one week into the Chloe Ting 28 Day Flat Tummy Challenge

The 5 Best Purchases You Can Make in Your 20s

With the potential to build your wealth exponentially

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