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I’ve Written 83 Blog Posts This Year — Here’s What I’ve Learned

I have written 83 blog posts this year.

Let me give you some context to that data.

We’re 204 days into 2020. I’m averaging about one blog post every three days.

However, if we look deeper, we’ll realize we’re 139 working days into 2020, which means I’m writing one blog post every TWO working days. I never write on the weekends unless I’m really, really inspired.

The sheer amount of blog posts I’ve published is a big talking point to this article, so allow me to break that down really quick before I get into what I’ve learned..

Here’s How Many Articles I’ve Published Per Month

January — 15 posts
February — 15 posts
March — 13 posts
April — 10 posts
May — 12 posts
June — 9 posts
July — 8 posts

Here’s my earnings per month.

January — $2,898
February — $1,857
March — $1,194
April — $1,029
May — $1,822
June — $1,268
July — Uncomplete

I’ve made $10,014 from Medium so far this year for 83 blog posts. That’s about $120 per blog post.

Not so fast, though… I’m leading you to my first point.

1. Sometimes It Takes Months For An Article To Pop

3 of my top 5 earning articles from January were published in 2019.

2 of my top 5 earning articles from February? Same thing.

1 of my top 5 earning articles from March? Same thing.

I’d say probably 25–30% of my earnings from this year actually come from articles published last year.

Here’s an article I published in January that did pretty much nothing three months after it was published. Then.. BOOM.

May happened. My earnings went up from $3 per day to $25 per day, and that lasted for the whole month of May it seems.

Then we had a drop off in June.

Lesson: A lot of people like to wave the white flag after they’ve published three blog posts and made nothing. Well, sometimes it takes a few months for a blog post to even start taking off.

2. If You Write More, You Get Paid More

83 blog posts is baffling to me. Could you do it? Answer honestly. I have faith you’d able to. It only takes me a few hours to write every blog post. Actually, sometimes it only takes me an hour.

If you write more, you’ll get paid more.

Not necessarily because every post makes X dollars, but because eventually you’ll have one make $1,000 or more.

Sheer volume has been one of my main elements to Medium success since I got started in 2016. It has never wavered. Sure, some writers make a lot of money only posting 1–2 times per week, but that doesn’t mean these methods need to be at odds with each other.

You can make money with both.

Lesson: Write more, make more.

3. Most Of Your Articles Won’t Make That Much Money

I once did a calculation of how much money I made in May with NEW articles. Articles I published that month.

Want to know my findings?

I published 10 stories and made $200. That’s $20 on average per story. That’s not very high at all. A lot of my stories only made $8-$9, and you know what?

I wasn’t mad about it.

Writing is sort of like baseball. They say if you can get a hit 3 times out of 10, you’re an above-average batter.

Nobody realizes what the inverse means.. It means failing 7 times out of 10 is considered great. Wait, what?

How can failing 7 times out of 10 be considered great?

Shouldn’t the true professionals be able to at least get a hit 60–70% of the time? Not really.

Writing comes with a lot of failure. It’s hard to write something useful. It’s even harder to write something a lot of people can relate to. If you want to make money, you must do both things.

You need to be able to read society like a book. And guess what? Nobody really can. I have some articles go viral for reasons that are beyond me. I have no idea why they go viral. I don’t know why a lot of people liked it. But they did.

I just do my best to get out of my own way and take a lot of swings, because I know one of these times I’m going to hit a home-run, even if I strike out 10 times before I do it.

Lesson: Failing is the rule in writing, not the exception.

4. Most Of Your Money Will Come From A Few Articles

As I stated above, about 60–70% of your earnings will come from only a few articles. At least, that’s how it’s worked for me.

I’m not telling you to write a lot because you’ll make a certain dollar amount per article. I’m telling you to write a lot because eventually you’ll hit the jackpot.

You won’t know why. I won’t know why. Nobody will know why. But it will just happen all of a sudden, and then you’ll know if you write something similar again in the future, you may get more views than usual.

I made the most money ever on Medium last November, December, and January. Most of my money came from 3–4 mega viral articles. I’m talking articles that made like $3,000 each.

So, in conclusion..

Write often.

Fail often.

Hit a few home runs.

That’s how to make money writing online.

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