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iPad Air vs iPad Pro

Don’t make a mistake with this!

The Apple Event just wrapped up and there is a lot to talk about. The biggest, most exciting is the brand new iPad Air which now shares a lot of the similarities of the 2020 iPad Pro. This raises a question — what iPad should you buy? The iPad Air or iPad Pro?

Well, let’s get into what you should know before you decide.

The iPad Air has existed for the past couple of years as a middle-level iPad that shares a lot of the iPad Pro’s features but didn’t have that higher-end price tag. These two were similar for a while until the iPad Pro received its blocky redesign. Now its got the squared-off edges, giving it a much more industrial look, smaller bezels, face ID. Until today, the iPad Pro just looked better.

However, that is not the case anymore.

The 2020 iPad Air has an all-new design that is extremely reminiscent of the iPad Pro. First of all, if you like colors, this new iPad is the way to go. There are 5 new color options to choose from. You have the default Space, Gray, and Silver. In addition to those you also get to pick between an additional 3 colors including Rose Gold, Green, and Sky Blue.


There also are some differences with the display. With the iPad Pro, you have the choice to pick between an 11-inch display or a 12.9-inch one.

With the iPad Air, there is just a 10.9-inch option.

If you’re looking for the biggest screen there is, you’re gonna want to go with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. This size iPad looks and functions the most like a laptop.

The new iPad Air featuring a completely new thin and light design in five gorgeous finishes: silver, space gray, rose gold, green, and sky blue.
The new iPad Air featuring a completely new thin and light design in five gorgeous finishes: silver, space gray, rose gold, green, and sky blue.

Both the iPad Air and the iPad Pro are true tone capable.

The iPad Pro is a little brighter 600 nits compared to the 500 nits on the new iPad Air. If you want a little more screen brightness, the iPad Pro is going to be the way to go.

The last big thing on display is Pro Motion. This is the 120hz high refresh rate that’s on the iPad Pro compared to the 60hz on the new iPad. A 120hz screen will allow for things to looks silky smooth while you’re writing, scrolling, playing games. This is an exclusive feature to the Pro iPads that it’s not making its way down to the newest iPad Air model.

New Touch ID

Although the screens look very similar, there is a very important distinction to make and that is with authentication, on the iPad Pro you have all the benefits of Face ID — for unlocking your iPad, making purchases, Apple Pay, all that stuff is handled on Face ID, the facial recognition system tucked into the bezel at the top of the iPad. With the iPad Air, you get the Touch ID technology into the power button of the iPad Air. We have never seen this from Apple before. This is beneficial if you’re in a public space and you’re required to wear a mask — Touch ID will save your day and unlock your iPad in an instant all by using your finger.


Let’s talk about processors. This is where the tables turn into the iPad Airs favor. This is because the new iPad Air is equipped with Apple’s all-new A14 Bionic processor, Apples latest and greatest silicon expected to be the fastest processor that they are currently producing.

From what we’ve heard from Apple, if you want the latest and greatest silicon, the cutting edge tech, the best Apple has to offer — the iPad Air with the A14 Bionic is going to be more powerful than the A12Z in the iPad Pro.

Another cool feature of the iPad Air is the USB-C port which allows for connecting external storage, better power, faster data transfer speeds. It’s cool to see USB-C make its way from the iPad Pro down to the iPad Air.

You’re also going to see some difference once you flip the iPad on their backs. The iPad Pro has a 12-megapixel main camera + an ultra-wide camera. The back of the iPad Air has just one single 12-megapixel camera. There is no ultra-wide.

Another small but important difference is with the speakers. The iPad Pro has a 4 speaker setup that’s going to a very immersive stereo audio experience while the iPad Air — Apple just says it has 2 speakers for a landscape stereo audio experience.

The iPad Air is also compatible with all of the accessories previously supported on the iPad Pro. This includes the Magic Keyboard and 2nd generation Apple Pencil.

When it comes to the capacity of these iPads — the iPad Air is limited to a max of 256gb of storage whereas with the iPad Pro you have more flexibility from 128gb to 1tb. You’re going to get more base storage with the iPad Pro too. The least storage available for the iPad Air is 64gb compared to 128gb for the Pro models.


You can buy a base model iPad Pro 11-inch right now for $799.

The newest iPad Air based model is going to be available next month for $599.

This a $200 difference between the two models. Of course, you are going to get more storage if you decide on the Pro model, but for the price of $599 — you get close to all the same features as the iPad Pro.

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