Wednesday, June 29, 2022

I Watched My Partner with Another Man

Not long ago I experienced my first ever foursome with a couple of friends and my long-time partner. This was an MFMF foursome which meant there were some homoerotic elements involved. Now when it comes to bisexuality, the woman on woman aspect is well explored and an extremely common kink.

I myself enjoy watching a little girl on girl action every so often. What I personally have never explored is the male on male dynamics and what effects it had on me. My recent sexual adventures were quite eye-opening when it came to this subject.

Before our little foursome, we did set some ground rules. We, of course, did not set any rules around who could play with whom as that would be too constricting when it came to group sex. We have all been in our respective relationships for awhile on top of being close friends and as such felt quite secure in our relationships so there were no issues of jealousy.

I have never been with multiple partners at the same time I assumed the men would mostly watch us and merely engage with the opposite sex. What I did not expect or anticipate were the men enjoying each other without the women involved.

During our little tryst, I was playing with my friend and for a while there we were ignoring the men in the room. I wasn’t paying to much attention to the men because a gorgeous woman was playing with me. Now my partner and I have been together a long time and although we never put specific labels on our sexualities my understanding was that he was very much straight as he has only been with women. So when I saw another man go down on him and take him into his mouth I was intrigued.

While supple feminine hands explored my body, I was observing another man perform oral sex on my long-time partner while he enjoyed it. Initially, it was very much initiated and led by the other man. When he ultimately took my partner completely into his mouth was when I saw my partner enthusiastically participate. Seeing the pleasure on my partner’s face well and truly captured my attention.

What surprised was my own reaction to this, to watching my partner direct another man on how best to suck him off. I was already in a situation where I was thoroughly aroused and overstimulated. All the hands and mouth and the foreplay left me so close but what took me over was watching the pleasure play out on my partner’s face as he was sucked off by another man.

Watching how rough they were with each other, watching my partner thrust into that other man, all the while his girlfriend’s hands explored me left me drenched.

A s someone who considers themselves bisexual, I was not prepared for my body’s response to watching my partner get serviced by another man. It was one of the most erotic things I’ve witnessed in my life and perhaps part of it is not so much the guy on guy aspect but seeing my partner with another person. I will say although later I did watch my friend ride my partner, I did not have the same visceral reaction as watching him with another man.

I t is interesting how years after exploring my sexuality and what turns me on, I still find unexplored territories. This also opened up this new door into our relationship where the idea of inviting more people, be it men or women, sounds exciting. I have only experienced the reaction I had to watching my partner with another man once but it is definitely something I want to explore more of.

The idea that humans are these sentient beings with one strict sexual orientation seems quite ludicrous after this encounter. I do think what holds us back from experiencing immense pleasure when it comes to sex, are these labels we put on each other.

M y assumption of my partner being straight kept us from venturing into the realm of MMF sex for a long time which clearly we now know I absolutely love. It does make me wonder what else would I enjoy if it weren’t for these restrictions I put on myself unknowingly? And finally, are these unintentional labels the result of living in an extremely heteronormative society?

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