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How To Make More Money From Your Writing

People often have the wrong idea of a a writer.
Many people have wanted to become a writer since they were little. They want to write perfect prose or poetry that makes people weep.
Often a writer is born because they were a reader. I know I was. I spent nearly every night up later than I should have been with my flashlight and Harry Potter books. And one day they hope to write books that force kids to stay up late reading.
Writers dream big dreams. They want to write books and articles. They want to touch people with the written word. A writer longs to spend their days crafting expertly written sentences, and to make characters to last well past the writer’s time.
And so we conjure the romantic notion of the writer as the reclusive artist in some office or writing studio. When we picture ourselves writing we aspire to be the artist working on our craft.
But, the truth of the matter is that writing has much less to do with art craftsmanship and much more to do with money.
Lots of money.
In fact, if one wants to be a writer it’s like any other business. One must chase the almighty dollar. It becomes a never ending task. You spend your time chasing more projects and more clients.
The writing business is a fire that must be constantly fed.
Every writer knows the constant pressure to produce constant content in order to produce income.
What if you could earn more from the work you’re already doing?
That’s why I’m writing this to show how to increase the return from from what you’re already writing.

Invest In Your Own Writing

What does this mean?
Well, if you own the work you do and you produce it yourself and place it in the right places then you can make money on it indefinitely.
For instance, if you write a short article, especially when you’re just starting out you aren’t going to make a lot from it. This is especially true if it’s not commercial writing or ghostwriting, but something fun like a movie or TV review. Heck, most of the time you’re lucky to get paid at all for those.
But, if you look at your writing like an investment and want to make money long term from it you can do so.
For instance, there are several options for websites where you can post your work and get paid for the traffic it brings, or if you more industrious create your own website or blog. Then, with some prudent SEO and other traffic driving skills you can let the article keep making money. Often, you can have a piece of writing make double or triple the money you would have gotten if you just sold the article piecemeal.
You have to think of if the way those Internet guru’s advocate selling self published books to make passive income. But instead of writing books, you can do it with articles and stories.

Once you have a lot of stories and articles then you can get a little traffic every day from a lot of different pieces which is nice then you’re aren’t reliant on a story going viral in order to make any income. That tends to be infrequent and hard to predict.
You have to think about it like a business. You want your writing to work for you in instead of the other way around.
And yes, it’s nice to get highly paid ghostwriting and freelancing assignments. That’s how I made it work for years, but if you have at least a part of your writing working for you in various ways it gives you more freedom.
With this, you can write more of the things you want to write. If you rely entirely on clients that can have its own downsides. Clients disappear. Sometimes they don’t pay. You’re at their mercy. I’ve had reliable clients that all the sudden had stop using my writing services.
Plus, freelance writing and ghostwriting often means writing commercial, boring stuff and that’s not the reason you got into writing. This way helps you be able to write essays, short stories, and even books.
And if you own all the work you do then you can use it however you wish. If you want to release a collection of your work you can do so. If you want to print a poem on a poster there’s nothing stopping you.
It’s a step closer to becoming the writer you wanted to be when you were a kid.
If you want to be a writer then you need to invest in yourself, and what better way than to to treat your writing as an investment? This mindset helps in another way. It can take a while for views and readers to accumulate so it’s best to think of it as passive income that needs to build.
Also, this was as your readers grow than the money you make from the writing will grow too. First, they find one story, and then another next you know you have a loyal reader.
So the best way to start making more money is to treat it like the business it is and then it will start letting you make the art you want to make.

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