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How This Regular-Guy Makes $5,000 Online Every Month

Millions of people want to become online entrepreneurs or bloggers. A large subset of those people want to become money-making bloggers.

Blogging is a growing industry that millions of people are testing the water with. According to Statista, in 2015, 28.3 million internet users updated a blog at least once per month. The number of bloggers in the United States is set to reach 31.7 million users in 2020.

The industry keeps growing.

And so do the potential earnings for aspiring bloggers. As recently as June 2020, it’s noted in’s monthly newsletter that:

  • Almost two-thirds of its writers who wrote at least one story made money.
  • Furthermore, 5.7% of writers made at least $100.
  • Finally, the highest-grossing single story earned $6,386.48 and the highest grossing single writer earned a whopping $33,617.89. (source: Writers, Medium “Re: Medium Writers Newsletter: Summer writing, summer learning.” 10 July 2020. E-mail)

Now that might not seem like all too much income at first glance. I mean, only 5.7% of writers made at least $100. That’s not too much to call home about.

But let’s go a bit deeper.

Regardless of reverse-engineering how many writers 5.7% of the writers are in terms of numeric value, let’s reasonably assume that of that 5.7%, the vast majority are writing as a side-gig.

I don’t know about you — but $100 in side-money can go along way; especially if it didn’t take me too much time to generate.

But let’s be honest with one another, you didn’t click into and continue reading this article to see how many people are making a mere $100.

You wanted to know exactly how you can use your content writing and blogging to generate a full-time income.

In this article, we’ll go over:

  • How I found myself with the opportunity to enter blogging and online content writing.
  • How I generate income with my online content.
  • How I leverage that content for a 30% increase through the sale of digital products.
  • And how you can do all of that too.

So let’s get into it…

How to enter into the making-money-online game

I brief story about how I ended up finding myself in the opportunity I now inhabit.

Back in 2015, I was working a “desk-job” that didn’t fulfill me in the ways I thought it would.

I was working in sales for a late-stage startup.

At first, things were great, I was able to go to a “hip” office, with a bunch of young professionals.

  • There were catered lunches every Friday
  • We didn’t have “cubicles”
  • The office was placed in a rehabbed watch factory that backed up to the Charles River just outside Boston
  • We did annual summer team-building exercises and we hosted our Christmas party atop the Prudential Tower in Downtown Boston

But as you guessed it, things didn’t end up all fine and gravy.

Like millions of people — the job and its roles and responsibilities left me aimless.

As time went on, in order to make my phone-call-quotas every month, I started calling “fake” numbers I knew would send me to a landing call; that is where you, “press 1 for sales, 2 for service, […] etc.”

Of course, my own cunning caught up with me when I was brought into my boss’s boss’s office — the “Big Cheese” and was subsequently fired.

They had a 50-page thick packet of all the fake calls I committed. Needless to say, the confrontation was how I left that job.

In the subsequent years, I jostled from one fine-dining serving job to another. Until 2018 when I was working at a high-end restaurant in West Hollywood, California. On January 18th, 2018, that restaurant caught fire in the roofing electrical work and burned to the ground.

The next morning, after responding to the onslaught of missed calls and texts, and applying for unemployment; I made a promise to myself — I was going to write online everyday for a minimum of 30 days.

Now, like many of you reading this — I had zero clue what I was doing.

I bought a domain and hosted it on Later that day — I began writing.

I wrote about everything that was going on in my head:

  • I wrote about how I was astonished at the mismanagement of the restaurant that caused it to burn down.
  • I wrote about how I was disgusted with myself and how I was smoking cigarettes, drinking heavily and other demeaning behaviors.
  • I wrote and reviewed a bottle of Normandy Cider that I bought a few days prior (Eric Bordelet, by the way. It’s amazing)

I thought to myself, it isn’t important what I write about, rather that I commit to just writing something.

“The most important thing about art is to work. Nothing else matters except sitting down every day and trying.”
― Steven Pressfield

Days turned into weeks and weeks the first month. But I didn’t stop after 30 days — I kept going.

After finally mustering up the courage to share some of my content online (I posted to Instagram and got some “likes” from old friends and my mom — thanks again, mom!) I found both Medium and Quora.

Medium and Quora are both fantastic platforms to get your writing and brand out to the people who are looking for it.

How Medium and Quora help new writers

Quora, which is a question-and-answer platform, allows a writer to search for content (questions) that are being asked by the public.

Research notes that there are approximately 300 million unique monthly users on the platform.

On that platform, there are millions of questions being answered with new questions being added daily.

Now, many of you reading this might think that I’m going to pitch Quora’s Member platform where you can get paid for adding valuable questions to the platform.

I’m not.

In fact, with Quora, you won’t be making money directly.

You can use the platform to leverage the content you’ll be creating in two ways:

Quora leverage 1: With Quora, you will be entering a platform with millions of people asking and answering questions. With the platform, you can find questions that are getting a lot of traction (hundreds/thousands of answers with millions of views). This is yours to use to your advantage. Think of it being like a writing prompt and the ability to write your content for an audience specifically looking for solutions to their problems (i.e. the question).

Quora leverage 2: When you write enough content — you’ll be exposing yourself to potential freelance clients (more on freelancing later in this article). You are essentially building a portfolio of your work for hundreds of potential clients to see. It isn’t uncommon for writers on Quora (and Medium) to get noticed by publications and paying freelance clients.

Medium, on the other hand, helps writers in different ways.

Medium helps writers first and foremost, through its Medium Partner Program. I’m not going to go into the nitty-gritty of the partner program too much in this post, most of you reading this are already familiar with the program.

Plain and simple — it pays (literally) to write on Medium.

There are other leverages that you can employ with writing on Medium:

Medium Leverage 1: With Medium (similar to Quora) you are exposing yourself to potential freelance clients. I cannot stress this enough. I can’t tell you how often I get emails from potential freelance partnerships. After many years and the honing of my rates/bandwidth, I even have to turn people down.

Medium Leverage 2: There are thousands (if not millions) of writers on Medium. Many of these writers are like you and me. Medium is the ultimate social media. I feel even kind of weird calling it that. However, with Medium, you are exposing yourself to hustlers. Looking to scale the “online entrepreneur” ladder just like you. With the networking, you can lock up and build partnerships with fellow writers in your niche. Why is this important? Because by collaboration, you gain access to complementary email lists that you can sell your future online courses/digital products through affiliate partnerships.

That last part of Medium Leverage 2 brings us to our next element of making thousands every month online.

Let’s take a look…

How to increase your online money-making by 30% (minimum)

When you’re writing on Medium and Quora, you’re doing a number of things. Most importantly you’re:

  • Generating traffic with your content
  • Catching the eyes of potential freelance clients
  • Nurturing partnerships with other hard-working writers/content creators
  • Making money with the publication of your content

Now one thing you should be doing in order to increase the online money making (I experience about a 30% monthly increase — though it’s been as high as 50%) for the follow-up sale of your digital products.

What exactly does that mean?

Well, if you’ve paid attention to any of the “successful” writers you have seen what they do.

If not — that’s what I’m here to help you uncover.

How to expand on your earnings — beyond Medium

Take a look at any of the successful writers on Medium.

Many of them are doing just one thing that helps elevate their overall monthly revenue numbers.

They are including article footers at the end of each story as well as links in their bio.

Sure, you could hustle and bustle your way to thousands of dollars in your article-writing Medium pursuit.

However, what if there was a way you could increase your earnings outside of Medium? You would take that opportunity, wouldn’t you?

When you include an optimally designed and tested footer into your Medium stories, you open yourself up to selling digital products down the line.

Your aim with your content should alway be to help your readers solve a specific problem — that’s what builds audience engagement, loyalty, and purchasing.

Generally, the footers are going to lead to either an email-opt in. Or the footer will lead to a sales page.

Either way, if the reader got value from the article (and that’s the real key, or else the footer isn’t going to do any good) the reader can be sent to an external site that can help them get beyond their problem.

This is a tool that can help expand your revenue upwards of 30%.

In Summary

Now, more than ever, it is possible to strike out on the new gold rush that is the entrepreneurial pursuit vis a vis online content creation.

What is the optimal strategy for doing this?

Well, the first step is two-fold. You should be doing two things:

  1. You need to constantly be writing on Quora
  2. You need to constantly be writing on Medium

These two platforms combined see approximately a half a billion unique users every month.

That is an insurmountable number of individuals looking for content that you can cater to.

You need to be creating content on Quora for two reasons:

  1. It helps you discover “hot button” writing prompts that an audience is looking for.
  2. It helps you get discovered by potential freelance clients as well as well known publications.

You need to also be creating on Medium for two reasons (besides monetization):

  1. It also helps you get exposure to high-paying clients by creating a “portfolio” for those clients to see.
  2. It is a social media platform that exposes you to countless networking opportunities to set up affiliate partnerships, cross-promotion through email addresses, and more.

From there, you need to be expanding on the revenue you generate strictly from the Medium algorithm and the Medium Partner Program.

The way you do this is by furthering the conversation after the article with article footers and links in the bio.

This allows you to build a relationship with your audience and further provide value through email correspondence as well as the sale of digital products and online courses.

While it may be difficult getting your voice off the ground — there really is no excuse to not get started.

In 2020, with niches from Lego aficionados to horse-shaped gifts seeing profitability, there are thousands of topics you can write about that will draw an attentive and loyal audience.

So what’s your excuse to why you haven’t started?

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