Tuesday, August 9, 2022

How the Smallest Guy Brought Me to Orgasm

You might have noticed that I love it big. I’m a worshiper of big and I run away from the small. I actually walked away from two guys because they were too small, way too small for me. Sorry guys but my alter ego is Samantha.

And then there was this guy. The guy I was absolutely crazy about, head over heels, ready to follow him to the end of the world. And this guy was small; according to Kama Sutra, he was a hare, he was as small as they get. Sigh! What a disappointment.

You know how you dream of having sex with the man you desire and how you cannot wait to see what’s he hiding in his pants? Well, sometimes the revelation leads to a big loud O and sometimes to a quiet unspoken Oh… In this case, it was the latter but my desire for him was no lesser than before.

We were open about most everything, so he knew all about my undying love for big penises and we had a discussion on the sizes. He claimed that according to some poll, size didn’t matter. I laughed out loud and said that, yes, that figures since most people lie and that the women saying this must have lied. Size DOES matter!

All of this went on over email since we were in a long-distance relationship. We had to travel to see each other and jump in bed for real and not over the phone. So I was lying in bed naked and he hadn’t gotten undressed yet. I was hoping we’d go to a sex shop and buy some larger than life toys but instead of that, this guy pulled out a tiny little penis.

It was a joke thing, it was to be used in a ring toss game where people were supposed to throw these tiny little rings at the tiny little penis in hope of tossing them over it. So, he grabbed this minute little thing, parted my legs, and started to fuck me with it.

This was the last thing I expected. He wasn’t a man who’d quarrel, he preferred to make a point and that was his way of making a point. He knew exactly how to position the toy and how fast he needed to go to make me come. The curious thing was that he didn’t even kiss or touch me anywhere else, he just used that as the only reference point.

Admittedly, the fact that I was already wet and excited due to our meeting made it easier for him. Our rendezvouses were few and far between so I was always super turned on. Still, given the smallish size of this thing, not to mention that it wasn’t a real thing, like, it wasn’t the body part of the man I loved, I didn’t expect to come just from that, let alone that fast.

I’m still shocked and amazed by this but he indeed made me come in a matter of minutes if not seconds. It was like a super-fast quickie and I actually ended up thanking him, for I came so unbelievably good. And then he bought me a ring, a real gold and diamond ring to put on my finger and I accepted it.

So there was a little pun there too, you know, the toss rings and tiny little penis and then the ring on my finger, LOL… He made it clear that this wasn’t an engagement ring since he was already married, though, but that’s a matter for another story. Following this experience, I still think that size of the “ring” and the “finger” matters, but I also think that the right guy with the right attitude matters even more.

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