Thursday, May 26, 2022

How I Averaged 25,000 Views per Article in the Last 3 Months

I didn’t depend on the world to discover my stories

In the last three months, my articles have crossed more than 100,000 views, thanks to the following technique I learned while running my business.

When I started in business, my uncle assigned me a simple task. It was to search the internet and note down the phone numbers of potential clients. As a wholesaler, anyone, no matter how big or small, who sold what we sold, was a potential client. After a month of making that list for a few hours every day, I ended up with a phonebook filled with thousands of contacts.

Step two, I had to call them. I was given a simple script and shown how to repeat it with every phone call. And with practice, I got better at it. But the process and the results were still a little disappointing. Although I didn’t expect everyone to buy from us, it felt bad when people would simply hang up in the middle of a call.

But since it was the only thing I had to do, and because I had already put a lot of work into writing down those numbers, I kept making those calls. Every single day. As a result, it wasn’t too long after that we started landing new clients. The convert ratio was easily close to one in a hundred. But as these clients were there to stay with us, my efforts brought us a lot of profit in the long run. It was all worth it.

I Started to Treat Writing Like Business

When I started writing, my articles received little or no views at all. And after a couple of months of failed experiments, and a lot of stress, I decided to make a change. I started to treat writing like my business. I used the same approach that I used earlier to land clients for my business and started cold-pitching a list of potential magazines and websites that sold what I was trying to sell.

I Wasn’t Afraid to Contact Big Publications

I prepared a script that I still use every time I approach an editor. I wasn’t afraid to contact big publications, and in the last three months, while I’ve failed on a grand scale and received dozens of rejections from a lot of publications, I’ve also landed a couple of clients that have allowed me to share my work with their audience. As a result, I’ve succeeded in putting my content in front of more than 100,000 readers.

I repeated the same trick and the same process that I learned in business. And while I was prepared for rejection, I kept trying to improve my odds. I’ve realized, as a writer, you could tick all the boxes and write the most entertaining, most helpful, or most important story in the whole world. But it wouldn’t be enough. It wouldn’t matter if nobody gets to read it.

We can’t depend on the world to discover our stories. It’s our responsibility to get our content in front of an audience. And therefore, the most important business skill that will decide your success as a writer is your readiness to deal with rejection — and your persistence to keep trying. The process takes a lot more than just good writing. But, in the end, it’s all worth it.

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