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Here’s How You Give Her A Grinding Orgas

Women and relationships coaches know that thrusting our pounding won’t do the job. Only men have to learn their lesson.

You might have spent your youth and your adult life thrusting.

STOP, it’s enough. Thrusting won’t give her an orgasm.

Many women discover their pleasure grinding against pillows or surfaces. While men use their hands, women are more likely to rub themselves against something.

Women love the sensation of a good grind for the following reasons:

  • Grinding stimulates the clit.
  • The stimulation isn’t too strong, but strong enough for an orgasm.
  • Grinding engages the pelvic floor and stimulates the vulva.

Most men fail to give her orgasm because they only thrust. Unless penetration is paired with clitoral stimulation, it won’t do the job. Grinding satisfies her physically.

Grinding offers a dynamic play. Instead of going in and out, grinding includes a variety of sensations that favor her. Depending on your position, you can apply different techniques.

Techniques shouldn’t be an afterthought. They’re what makes sex easy. Do you want easy sex? A good rewarding fuck? Then apply the technique and make your partner cum at the tip of your penis. While most sex writers suggest toys, I advocate for the practice. The more you practice with your partner, the better you get. There’s no shame in repetition.

Experienced lovers know their partner’s body better than their own. Think of her body as a complex machine you didn’t build but operate. Comparing her body to a car is sexist, but it’ll do the job.

Most men are like drivers without a driver’s license. They exceed the speed limit before they learn how to drive.

The female mind is a pocketbook, not a mess. Today is your lucky day because I open my mind. Open house for all the guys and maybe some girls who a desperate to know the ‘how to’. Don’t make it more difficult than it should be.

I am equally desperate and happy to teach you because I know that my lessons are appreciated, and other women will benefit. The more I write, the less I feel insecure about my body and sexuality. So, I am incredibly thankful for the confidence you gave me. Thank you!

My confidence boost resulted in many sexy stories. Yet, we haven’t talked enough about the core principles of female pleasure. Many of you struggle to understand how to give a woman an orgasm. I am fine with that. Not knowing is better than pretending. Before I can tell you how you give her an orgasm, you need to understand how she discovers her pleasure.

Over the years, I made enough conversations to tell you that most women discover their pleasure grinding and rubbing. Unlike men, they don’t touch themselves first. Women grind against an object or rub their legs together. This first sparkle eventually leads to an orgasm. Yet, when it comes to sex, the sparkle doesn’t turn into a flame. It dies because all the thrusting and pounding do nothing to her pleasure.

It’s nice to feel a penis entering your body. But nice alone won’t give you an orgasm. I bet you like it when we kiss your dick, but you won’t cum from one kiss alone. Giving head takes time. Your body needs to maintain the tension of the arousal, and the longer we suck and the harder we massage your balls, the closer we get you to an orgasm.

The same applies to women, yet thrusting alone doesn’t do the job.

You might ask how? How can she grind, and I’ll be still satisfied? The answer is simple: positions.

Grinding for her benefit

Grinding levels up your foreplay. It takes you from amateur to semi-professional. You might have seen the videos where a woman grinds on her partner’s legs or rubs herself against him. That’s what we want!

Having her on one of your legs, rubbing her clit against your bare skin, or grinding is heaven. Women are too shy to admit it, but we all secretly want to try it. It gives us pleasure while it puts out bodies at ease. Let her rub herself against you, dressed or undressed.

Lube fuels the experience. Apply lube to your body parts. Especially if she’s naked, additional lubrication is helpful to keep her going and enjoying herself. A little lube will to the job. It’s nice to watch her fuck your leg!

Grinding together

Grind together. Men won’t have the idea themselves, so here’s a female perspective. Don’t penetrate, play with your dick. Allow her to sit on your lap and grind without penetration. Don’t force yourself inside of her, simply rub yourself against her.

You can also do this when you’re on top. Grinding without penetration allows you to last longer. Pull out and rub your dick against her clit. Massaging her clit with your erected penis is the next-level pleasure.

Grinding together or having ‘dry sex’ is fun. It reminds you of the good old days when you were still too insecure to go all the way. Yet, as mature adults, grinding can be a powerful play.

Grinding during penetration

I guess that’s what you all have been waiting for. The answer is YES: you can, or better she can grind while you penetrate. Your pubic bone is what we’re going for first.

If you don’t have lube on your hands, use your saliva. A little spit is much more appreciated than your try skin rubbing against her sensitive parts. If you want to take things a step further, use hers. How? Be creative!

All positions facing each other allow her to use her pubic bone for stimulation. Depending on the angle, it’s easier or harder to reach your pubic bone. If there’s too much space between you and you’re not willing to change position, put your hand between the two of you and let her grind against your knuckles.

It’s easier for her to grind while she’s on top, yet doggy style doesn’t forbid grinding. If she’s on her tummy, put a pillow underneath her belly.

Grinding and anal sex

Works well, but requires a little more action. You can apply the same technique as in doggy style. Yet, you have to go slow and manage to stay low. Otherwise, she won’t be able to reach the pillow.

Why pillow? You can also get a little more creative and use your surroundings. An armchair offers more flexibility, and the fabric is stronger. You might use this prop as well. Bend her over one of the armrests and allow her to fuck the chair while you fuck her. Closed legs are another option.

Comfortable, cozy, and spacious. Great for slow and rough sex with multiple positions to entertain. The good old armchair won’t put restraints on your fantasies. I would recommend doggy-style sex, but that’s just one woman’s opinion.

Grinding isn’t just about the positioning. That would be too easy. No, go slow. Fuck her slowly, rest between thrusts, and don’t angle her body too much. Allow her to feel you.

Explore her ladyparts carefully. Circles are often appreciated. Spread her lips downtown and work your way slowly to the entrance, where you can turn the rubbing into a soft massage. When you insert a finger, make sure you avoid the porn penetration move. Instead of in and out — use pressure on her G-Spot. Her G-Spot is key to later explorations.

A shift of your hips is enough to go from stupidly fucking to grinding. Face her and have more leverage than in positions where she bends over. Depending on your angle and clit, she might as well feel a little tickle.

Don’t be cheap on kisses and additional stimulation. We love the pussy play:

Pussy play might be the keystone to your success. But before you go for the sweet spots, make sure you are prepared. I don’t advocate shaved private parts, but shaved skin offers you a different kind of sensation. You feel touches and kisses more intense, and it contributes to your pleasure. It makes things less sticky and allows you to experience more. Instead of going half-shaved, take all the hair off.

Yes, a hairless pussy is better for grinding. The hair itches and makes you stop after a little time because it’s uncomfortable. Also, lube and hair don’t pair well. Better shave before you take your panties off and grind on your partner.

Regardless of your taste in pubic grooming, you should always be open to new experiences.

No woman is the same, but we all enjoy the grind. You have to look long to find a woman who can’t get herself out of humping a pillow. Grinding on your leg is the adult version of pillow humping.

Stimulating your external genitals works for men and women. The more lubrication you’ll add, the less friction you have. Removing hair helps, but communication is better.

Men complain that women won’t last long enough on top. Grinding and humping may be the answer you’re looking for. The more she has to work, the less you’ll have to do.

I wish that I started humping and grinding on my partner earlier. But looking back, you’ll always know better. Maybe that’s a sign of improvement.

  • When she’s on top, let her make the moves. Women love domination, and grinding allows them to please themselves while you get your dick fucked. It’s a win-win.
  • Do as little as possible and ask her to try out different angles. The more she tries, the better she gets.
  • Be supportive and offer comfort. Support her body and make sure that she feels comfortable. Not all women enjoy being fully exposed in front of you. Wearing lingerie or a shirt might boost her confidence.

Do whatever feels good to you and your partner. Grinding is a go-to technique you shouldn’t miss. Especially when she has trouble reaching an orgasm, you should ask her to grind or grind yourself.

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