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Follow These 10 Steps and You Will Make Any Woman Squirt

Ready for some deliciousness?

Today, I’m here to answer a burning question that many of my male clients have asked me: “How can I make her squirt?”.

Now some men have cracked the code on squirting, some haven’t––I say “code” but it really isn’t that difficult. It’s more about patience and practice.

Either way, it is entirely possible to enjoy this incredible experience.

In this article, I’ve compiled here a step-by-step guide for men to follow when it comes to making their partner squirt.

And if you want more, I’m recording 3 bonus videos for The School of Squirt on the matter (coming soon).

Step #1: Get your partner aroused

It takes time for women to get out of their heads during intimacy. For many, it’s all about mental and physical stimulation.

Things like foreplay and oral sex are definitely great ways to get them feeling more aroused and ready for penetrative acts.

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Step #2: Be slow, sensual and intentional

So many women that I coach explain that they dislike it when their partner’s go straight for the genitals, poking and prodding.

For men who want to make a woman squirt, be slow, sensual and intentional.

Yes, you have a goal of making her squirt, but that doesn’t mean you need to immediately start doing the things that may eventually result in squirting.

Again, I recommend sensuality, such as massages, deep kissing, light touching, and other foreplay acts before getting into it.

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Step #3: Stimulate her genitals

When she feels her libido rising, and you can visibly see her body responding favorably to your touch, you can begin stimulating her genitals.

I always recommend a bit of clitoral stimulation to enhance arousal before stimulating her G-spot. The clitoris is a magical part of the female anatomy that only has one purpose: pleasure!

Ask her what she likes, let her guide you when it comes to patterns and pressure, and allow her to feel exceptionally turned on––without orgasming.

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Step #4: Find her G-spot

If your partner is on her back, you can find her G-spot by inserting a finger, or two fingers, with your palm facing the ceiling.

You’ll want to touch the “top side” of their vagina by curling your finger(s) in a “come hither” motion. Think like you’re stroking their belly button from the inside.

You’ll know you’ve found her G-spot when you feel a bean-shaped and textured bump.

Use rhythmic motions and try different speeds and pressure until you’ve found the one she most enjoys.

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Step #5: Use sex toys

Sex toys are great to use in the bedroom. They’re like little heaven-sent sexual wellness products that often gets us to climax quicker and more euphorically.

You could opt for a G-spot sex toy, which will be curved with absolute precision to really target her G-spot. My favorite G-spot sex toy is the MONA Wave because it moves in a “come hither” motion.

Or, you could consider a dual sex toy, which will stimulate her clitoris and her G-spot at the same time. My favorite dual sex toys are the LELO ENIGMA Cruise.

Both are wondrous and amazing. Talk with your partner and see if they’d like to use sex toys during your sexual adventures.

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Step #6: When the G-Spot swells, keep going

We may all be guilty of changing up speed or stimulation when a partner is in the throes of ecstasy.

Somehow, we believe that changing things up, like going harder or faster, will result in even bigger orgasms.

But when your partner is reaching her peak, don’t change a thing. Keep going, keep doing what you’re doing… exactly as you are.

Step #7: Sex positions

If you’re wanting to make your partner squirt during penetrative sex, there are some sex positions that are more successful than others.

Doggy style is great because it’s the ideal angle for G-spot stimulation.

Spooning is also a winner because she can lean forward or push back into you as you point your penis directly towards her G-spot.

I also personally recommend reverse cowgirl, which is a sex position that gives her more power and control when it comes to the rhythm and depth. It also offers the chance for clitoral and G-spot stimulation at the same time.

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Step #8: Enjoy the process and offer encouragement

When you’re engaging in fun with your partner, with the hope of making her squirt, try to look at it as an experience.

If you’re solely focusing on making her squirt, it’ll put a lot of pressure on you… and possibly her.

All sexual experiences are a journey, and should be enjoyed, with or without an orgasm.

To add to that, words and moans of encouragement are also usually welcomed.

You could compliment her on how sexy she is, let out moans to indicate how much you’re enjoying her, or tell her how much fun you’re having.

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Step #9: Don’t let it affect your ego if she doesn’t squirt

When you’re engaged in sensual experiences with your partner, consider squirting a bonus.

Don’t get disheartened if she doesn’t squirt or orgasm.

Women are complex, and there’s a lot at play when it comes to them climaxing.

The mood, the setting, the level of connection she feels with you, trust and relaxation––all contribute to how a sexual encounter can go down.

Step #10: Aftercare

If your partner has squirted or not, aftercare is essential.

After your sexual experience, cuddling, talking, and helping them to clean or tidy up is a sign of respect.

We should all be considerate of our sexual partners. Engaging in aftercare is one way to bring about even more orgasms and squirting experiences in the future.

So, gentlemen, do you feel ready to make your lover squirt? Go ahead and let me know in the comment how it went.

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