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Donald Trump Is Smarter Than We Ever Gave Him Credit For

It was all an act.

Back in February, when everyone was trying to warn him about an impending pandemic, Donald Trump under-reacted. He didn’t seem to get it. He dismissed the experts. He called it a democratic hoax. In response, democrats mocked him as a fool. Now we’re finding out the truth.

The entire time, Trump knew how deadly the virus was. He’s on record acknowledging its potential to become deadlier than any virus we’d seen in a century. And yet, he continued to shrug it off as “Kung Flu,” and played politics with masks and ventilators.

He knew. And instead of trying to save lives, he conspired with his administration to sabotage cities and states with democratic majorities. He did this in hopes that it would weaken bastions of liberal progressivism, and turn the election in his favor.

Three books show us exactly who Donald Trump is:

  • “Rage” by Bob Woodward.
  • “Disloyal” by Michael Cohen.
  • “Too Much and Never Enough” by Mary Trump.

You don’t even have to read these entire books to see the real Donald Trump, the one who his inner circle knows when the cameras cut off.

They show different sides of the president, but they all agree.

We should’ve been much more afraid of this man.

Trump Is a Mass-Murdering Monster.

Excerpts from Bob Woodward’s Rage have already confirmed the worst of what some of us suspected — that Donald Trump knew the gravity of COVID-19 since the very beginning, and simply weaponized it. Trump heard about a deadly virus that could kill hundreds of thousands of Americans. His first thought was how he could benefit.

This entire time, he’s been trying to leverage this pandemic against his political opponents at the expense of everyone’s health, even that of his own supporters, who he has previously bragged wouldn’t care if he shot someone in the street.

He wasn’t kidding.

In case you’re wondering what to call someone who calculates and orchestrates the deaths of thousands for his own personal gain, the most appropriate term would be: mass murderer.

Donald Trump isn’t dumb. He simply doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He’s been recorded saying this multiple times.

There is no longer any doubt.

Mainstream Media Helped Trump.

News outlets have struggled to keep Trump in check. They’ve failed to see his end game. Or maybe they knew and didn’t care. Either way, they’ve done exactly what he wanted them to.

They continue to play an unwitting role in his rise to power.

In the last four years, every single one of Trump’s press conferences was a masterful performance of the Trump brand. Every single tweet was an engineered distraction.

It was entertainment.

Trump has always been an entertainer.

Every week, millions of deplorables tuned in to see Trump or one of his lackeys go up against the liberal media. They loved it. And we loved to hate it, just like we do when we watch Netflix. Trump saw the untapped entertainment value in politics.

He exploited it.

Journalists Played Right Into Trump’s Trap.

For years, reporters have obsessed over the latest stupid thing said by our president. They gasped at his suggestions that Americans consider drinking disinfectant, or that doctors should figure out a way to get sunlight inside our bodies. They shook their heads when he talked about taking hydroxychloroquine himself.

The entire time, he was lying — with impunity.

Trump has a first-rate imagination. He knows exactly what to say (or tweet) to send everyone into an uproar.

They eat it up. They love hating on dumb Republicans. It’s much easier than doing actual investigative journalism. And it pulls in a hundred times the revenue. For them, Trump was a windfall.

They either didn’t know, or didn’t care.

We need smart journalists in briefing rooms. We need reporters dogging the president. But we also need to know the difference between a moron and someone who’s just playing one.

That’s a lesson for all of us.

Trump Secretly Loves Mainstream Media.

Think about it for a minute.

If Trump truly hated the media as much as he says, he would’ve stopped giving press conferences years ago.

Instead, he’s holding more of them than ever. If he can’t host giant rallies, he can reach the same audiences through briefings, followed by their instant replay all over social media.

The lies. The alternative facts. The outrageous statements. The abrupt halts, followed by him storming off. Networks air it all. They have only amplified his voice. They have accidentally become Trump’s greatest weapon against democracy in America.

Trump Is Untouched by Fact-Checking Theater.

Social media giants have made a big deal out of fact-checking Trump’s lies. While it’s one tool, it’s hardly sufficient.

It’s theater.

It gives us the comforting illusion that we’re combating fake news.

We’ve seen how hard it is to correct a piece of misinformation once it begins circulating. On top of that, Twitter can’t regulate the dark caves of the deep web, or even the back alleys of Reddit and 4chan. That’s where the fake news really spreads like wildfire.

Trump knows this. He’s probably seen more of the deep web than any of us. He was pals with Jeffrey Epstein, remember?

Late Night Talk Shows Helped Trump.

As much as we love Steven Colbert and Trevor Noah, they didn’t exactly help. They built up an image of Trump as a bungling idiot with a small vocabulary and tiny hands. They made him look inept.

It was funny.

It made us feel better, thinking we were smarter than the president. And while we might be more educated or empathetic, I’m not so sure we’re smarter than Trump after all. We’ve spent the last four years laughing at his performance as the quintessential dunce.

Trump knew we would. We did it with George W. Bush, and Trump makes Bush look like a Rhodes Scholar.

He does it on purpose.

Trump Has Had a Plan the Entire Time.

We think Trump is dumb. The bitter truth is that he knows how dumb we are, and how easily manipulated. He gave the far-right exactly what they wanted.

He gave them a savior, a man who would do anything they wanted in return for limitless power. He also gave the far left exactly what they wanted, someone to feel intellectually and morally superior to 24 hours a day. Everyone got what they wanted.

Now we’re a few weeks away from getting exactly what we deserve. Again. Unless we snap out of it.

There’s still time.

Trump Is a Master of Perception.

Trump is smart. He’s a master manipulator of public opinion, and ratings. It’s all he cares about. It’s all he needs to care about. A complete psychopath doesn’t need to care about policy or ethics when he’s this good at pitting people against each other.

We’ve all helped Trump turn the presidency into the greatest reality show in the history of television. Meanwhile, his administration was paving the way for a totalitarian takeover, American style.

Trump isn’t dumb. He just knows that when you’re an American politician, you don’t have to think too hard.

So he golfs.

He says the first thing that pops into his twisted, maniacal head. He flies across the country on a jet stream of chaos and fear. He engages in cruel, psychological warfare against his adversaries — including walls of moms. He gets people killed with shaky medical advice and miracle cures he knows don’t work. He encourages his zealous followers to sacrifice themselves in riots and boat parades. He breeds conflict wherever he goes. Meanwhile, he creates a secret police force and sabotages our voting systems.

He invites the journalist who brought down Nixon into the White House, betting he’ll win by doing the unthinkable.

Donald Trump is a lot of things.

Dumb isn’t one of them.

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