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The Three Men Every Woman Has Loved

One whom she loves in bed. One whom she loves at the dinner table. And one whom she loves in her memory.Photo by...

How to Make $5,000 a Month Online When You Don’t Have 100k Followers

In order to be able to sell a product, you need an audience that is looking for it and you need to let them...

If Your Job Is Boring, Try Content Creation

A friend of mine has become bored with his job. He makes more money than one could ever hope to earn in a year,...

The 10 Most In-Demand Career and Business Skills for 2020

We live in an attention economy. Those with the most eyeballs on their work, projects, ideas, etc, tend to win. You need to learn...

10 Small Ways To Save Money That Allow You To Build Real Long-Term Wealth

Nicolas Cole InstagramEvery college graduate knows the feeling: you’re done with school and life is yours for the taking.The only problem is that...

Why I Always Have Two Jobs

Black people literally have to work twice as hard to get half as muchPhoto: Maskot/Getty ImagesA version of this story originally appeared on...

Why Being Fit Requires Making Lifestyle Changes

So I started Chloe Ting’s challenge to see if the internet sensation lives up to the hype. She has multiple workout challenges on her...

J.K. Rowling Is Transphobic. Her Legacy Is Now Filled With Bigotry.

Her writing has lost its magicJ.K. Rowling arrives at the 2019 RFK Ripple of Hope Awards at New York Hilton Midtown on December...

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How I Made 30k on My First Self-Published Book

How I Made $30,000 on My First Self-Published Book In 2019, I had a few hundred Twitter followers. In 2020, I reached 30,000 Twitter followers in just a few months. Thanks to building an audience first, my book made over $30,000 and sold over 1500 copies.