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Use Steve Jobs’s 30% Rule to Enter Your “Golden Age”

How the legendary founder employed minimalism to turn Apple around at its lowest point

Six Laws of Manhood That Everyone Should Live By

Real men don’t talk tough on the internet.

From Programmer to Billionaire at Age 33

The story of Div Turakhia, India’s youngest tech billionaire

8 Habits of Quiet Winners

And how to create them so you can achieve a helluva lot more.

7 Quotes By The Dalai Lama That Will Change Your Mind

“Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.”

How To Enrich Your Mind. When Malcolm X was in prison, he…

You know how people say, “It takes money to make money”?

I’ve Written 83 Blog Posts This Year — Here’s What I’ve Learned

I’ve Written 83 Blog Posts This Year — Here’s What I’ve Learned

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