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9 Times When You Can Have Sex

Green lights and sex ‘show-stoppers’ that will get you in trouble

People who are looking for interesting types of sexual liaisons are always asking “Is it legal for me to …?” or “Is it okay for me to …?”
With that thought in mind, I’ve provided a list of nine times sex is allowed with caveats about what types of sex is not allowed in these situations.

1) When is sex allowed in public?

In this case, it’s more of a where than when. The Brits have long had an extremely laissez-faire attitude towards lovers having sex in public. Technically, sex in public places (including bathrooms) and exposure is illegal in Britain, but normally the police don’t get involved unless there is a complaint. In fact, The Sun of the UK has a running gag of posting couples romping outdoors — including one in front of Buckingham Palace.
That might be refreshing news for some of my UK readers: Prime Minister Boris Johnson made it illegal for Brits to have sex indoors with people they don’t cohabit with during the pandemic. That mandate hasn’t stopped some people from shacking up … but disregarding this rule puts them at risk of getting arrested — and perhaps frisked, but not by their lover. So in these unusual circumstances, if you’re in England, having sex outdoors during the pandemic seems to be the safest bet.

2) When is sex allowed after childbirth?

According to the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC), a woman can begin sexual intercourse when post-natal bleeding and discharge stop, and when tears in the vagina heal — which normally takes from two to six weeks. It’s best to follow your health care provider’s advice before having sex after childbirth.
The most common issues with sex after delivery include vaginal dryness, thin vaginal tissue, loss of elasticity in vaginal tissue, bleeding, pain, soreness and fatigue, according to Healthline.

3) When is sex allowed during fasting?

Research has found that fasting has interesting effects on our sex lives. On the one hand, a piece in Urology Journal finds that fasting is associated with decreased levels of sexual desire. Meanwhile, a study in The Journal of American Medical Association finds that people who fasted reported improved sexual function.
Medically speaking, I haven’t seen anything that advises people that having sex while fasting is dangerous. Of course, if you are fasting, you might have less energy to have sex.
Religiously speaking, that’s a different story. Many religions that require periods of fasting also prohibit sex while fasting. For example, sex is prohibited Yom Kippur.

4) When is sex allowed on ‘Survivor?”

As long as the sex is consensual, it’s pretty much allowed on ‘Survivor’ anytime. In fact, Survivor has a reputation of ‘all sex, all the time,’ according to the ex-wife of producer Mark Burnett. Affairs on the show between crew members are rampant, she attested.
Yet, an embarrassing incident on Survivor that involved allegations of one contestant sexually harassing another contestant resulted in changes in the show. The producers now make on-set trained professionals available so contestants to speak to them, in confidence, about their concerns, according to the Daily Mail.
Additionally, it should be noted that Survivor contestants are no longer allowed to walk around nude, as Richard Hatch famously did on the first season of the show.

5) When is sex allowed in Christianity?

It’s pretty well-known that Christianity does not allow sex outside of marriage. The New Testament appears to be silent on the specifics of sexual acts that are permissible and not permissible. A number of sources encourage married couples to have honest conversations about sex, but some discourage anal sex — partly out of concerns that it’s not medically safe.

6) When is sex allowed in Judaism?

Jewish law neither condones nor condemns premarital sex. That said, many streams of Judaism officially discourage premarital sex, and in the contemporary Orthodox world premarital is strictly forbidden.
Many of the sexual prohibitions in Judaism stem from relations not the specific acts themselves. For example, a married Jewish woman is not allowed to have sexual relations with a man she is not married to, according to My Jewish Learning. (While there is no such prohibition against men, many rabbis frown up it). One of the most notable prohibitions is a lengthy passage in Leviticus that says it is unlawful for Jews “to uncover their nakedness” of their father, their mother and other close relations.
While oral sex is permitted, “unnatural” sex — which may refer to anal sex — is not.

7) When is sex allowed in Islam?

Islamic law has several rules about when sex is NOT allowed. During menstruation vaginal and anal intercourse is not permitted — but everything else is allowed, according to the Islamic Marriage Handbook. Sexual intercourse is also not allowed during the post-natal bleeding called nifas (maximum 10 days), during the daytime on Ramadan and when a person is in ihram — a sacred state in which Muslims carry out rituals — during the pilgrimage to Mecca
Oral sex is permitted in Islamic law, but swallowing sperm is not. Premarital sex is forbidden in Islam, but as long as you are married, the Koran has no other prohibitions on sex.

8) When is sex allowed in jail?

Conjugal visits — sex between prisoners and their partners — used to be pretty common in the U.S. during the early 20th Century. But these days it’s only legal in a handful of states. As of 2016, only four states allowed them. Conjugal visits only happen in medium- or lesser-security prisons, and the rules vary from state to state. Prisoners must apply for the privilege, and these inmates are ineligible for conjugal visits if they have committed any of dozens of infractions, including fighting or swearing in the past six months. In some states the inmate must be legally married to his partner, and many states have had a “no-way” attitude towards conjugal visits that involved same-sex couples.
Saudi Arabia takes a more liberal view towards conjugal visits. Married men or women who are in prison are allowed one conjugal visit per month. More interestingly, Saudi men who have multiple spouses are allowed one visit per spouse each month.

9) When is sex allowed in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia has always had a strict code on intimate relations — including dating — which has been non-existent for most of the country’s history. In fact, sex outside of marriage is illegal and same-sex intimacy is criminalized, according to Human Dignity Trust.
But the rise of Tinder has meant that young Saudis now are able to secretly communicate with each other, and — and if they are feeling like taking risk — meeting in person.

Tread Carefully

I cannot overemphasize that, during a pandemic, everyone should be cautious about having sex with people that they don’t know well, or who they can’t vouch for being clear of the virus. Though you may find yourself ‘scot-free’ from police interference while you have sex in front of Buckingham Palace, the same is not necessarily true of COVID-19.
But if you’re reasonably sure that your partner is free of COVID-19, the above will help you maintain a healthy sex life while also avoiding falling afoul of both religious dogmas.

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