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7 Things She Wants You to Do in Bed

Great sex is a collaborative effort. It’s about skill, but it’s also about chemistry and, more importantly, willingness to learn from each other as you go.

Great sex is about getting to know your partner and communicate.

If you’re a man trying to up your game, however, you need to know there are a few things your girl definitely wants you to do in bed, even though she might never ask.

7 thíng women want you do in bed
  1. She wants you to check for consent
    Seriously, do it. It’s not that hard. It’s as simple as asking, “do you want to do this?”

Besides, if you do it right, asking for consent can be sexy as hell.

  1. She wants you to be patient
    Take your time, or better yet, take her time.

There’s nothing wrong with a quickie every once in a while, but women in general need to spend more time on foreplay to thoroughly enjoy sex.

When you’re patient and you take your time, you project confidence. That’s hot.

The longer you can wait for it — and the longer you can make her wait for it, teasing and pleasing as you go, building up towards the main event — the more you’ll both enjoy it.

  1. She wants you to be comfortable with your body (and hers)
    Sex requires you to be vulnerable. The mere act of undressing in front of someone else is a huge exercise in vulnerability. It might make you nervous, especially if it’s the first time, but it doesn’t have to be awkward.

If you’re uncomfortable with your own naked body, you become more than vulnerable, you contribute to make her self-conscious as well, and the sex, awkward.

  1. She wants you to be assertive
    Show her you know what you want, and how you want it.

Nothing turns a woman on quite like a man who touches her with confidence, who knows how to gently maneuver her in bed to change positions without having to say a word.

She wants to trust you to simply say, “come here” and gently but firmly guide her body with yours.

  1. She wants you to listen and take direction
    Being assertive isn’t the same as being inflexible, or forcing your will on your partner.

Pay attention to her reactions, show her you’re willing to listen and adapt to her wants and needs. She wants to show you her moves, too. So let her take charge if she likes.

This should go without saying, but make sure she’s comfortable, not in pain, and stop immediately if she ask you to.

  1. She wants you to bring in a toy
    Perhaps she has a few toys of her own to help her orgasm, or perhaps she wants you to be creative and surprise her.

If you have never used a sex toy in bed, you don’t have to be intimidated. Do some research, or ask her to show you what she’s got. If she has never used a sex toy, you can become that one unforgettable lover who shows her new ways to explore her body and introduce her to amazing new sensations.

The fact that a good number of women can’t orgasm on penetration alone doesn’t have to undermine your confidence. The fact that your lady might want (or need) a little extra help to get there doesn’t make you any less of a man. Do you know what does? Caring more about your ego than her pleasure.

  1. She wants to feel how much you’re into it
    Make her feel the sexiest, most beautiful, most desired woman in the world.

How? Compliment her. Touch her lightly, as if she’s made of crystal and might break at any moment, then firmly grab her as if your life depended on it.

Be vocal. Men can moan, too.

When she’s in bed with you, she wants to feel desired. She doesn’t want to have sex with a silent, an expressionless man with a face of stone.

For great sex, communicate. Always
If there’s one lesson you need to take with you is this: you’re not bringing your A-game if you don’t pay attention to her reactions and listen to her.

And remember, she’s there to listen to you too.

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