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4 Things My Vaginal Lips Need To Say To The Man In Charge!

Never waste any part of your meal!

I’m going to have a serious discussion here. There seems to be a giant misconception about the female genitalia. I want to assume most of you know that there is much more between my legs than a hole and a clitoris, right?

I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a sexual experience with a man or a woman who knew how to utilize every piece of my undercarriage, except for my current partner, who blew me away when he explored parts of me that hadn’t been explored by humanity. Kind of like he found the archeological dig site for the proof of unicorns.

I was so shocked that I climaxed back-to-back, and the funny part is that he wasn’t penetrating me, focusing on my clitoris, or anything along those lines; he was focusing on the forgotten lands between my legs.

Many of you may seem like pieces, and parts of the female genitalia are just there for show. My lips happen to surround the entry point for your penis like a blossoming rose. Just pointless pedals. Just push those pretty flaps to the side and enjoy me like you’re opening orange and tossing its skin!

You couldn’t be more wrong. Most of you are missing out. You could be giving your partner the most intense orgasm she has ever experienced if you get better acquainted with all of her. So, my lips, the ones not on my face, have a few things to say.

1. Mons pubis! (Not a Harry Potter spell)

It does sound like a spell from the Harry Potter franchise. But it’s not. It’s a piece of my body. It’s the fatty mound of tissue right above the clitoris. Where my pubic hair grows, that piece of flesh usually doesn’t get touched unless it’s a stranger pouring hot wax on it. I guess that’s some action. Sometimes it’s called the mound of Venus and is named after the goddess of love. One would think that should tell you something. But no!

No one pays attention to the pube-covered pillow! Did you know that she has to be stimulated to get a girl to climax? Sure, if you keep poking and prodding, eventually, her body will climax because it’s a physical response. Which is only enjoyable for the five seconds she’s finishing; the rest of it is as mundane as doing laundry.

Teasing should always be your focus. And the mound of Venus is a great place to start. It is drastically smothered in sensory receptors, but there’s also nothing quite like being teased so close to all of your hotspots. I have probably said this in most of my articles; flirting is pleasing. And that beautiful mound of skin gets ignored by too many.

Try focusing on it and see how your partner reacts. Kiss it, lick it, rub the tip of your penis on it, and be intimate with it. If you’re trying to get somebody moist, sorry if that’s a trigger word for some, Then focus on everything but the hotspots, mound included, until the anticipation is noticeable.

2. The sisters, minor and major

Ok. The twins aren’t as disregarded as my puff pastry, but they are still neglected. Most of the time, in my experience, they were ignored. And the slight chance that someone did notice them, they were either licked as collateral damage, or they were aggressively sucked and pulled like a stick of 7-eleven beef jerky.

Sure, it feels good when they are being sucked on, but it’s like giving a basic blow job. There’s so much more you can do. So much more ground to cover, so many more techniques, activities, etc.

Both sets of labia come with their own set of nerves. The minora feels better than the majora because of the proximity. The labia minora are the set of fleshy lips surrounding the opening, and the majority are the set of lips surrounding everything down below.

Just because you can’t penetrate it, or stimulate it like a clitoris, doesn’t mean that you can’t play with them and have the same reaction as if you were licking her clitoris. The closer you got to the honey pot, the hotter it is for us women. You kiss down our stomachs, our thighs, behind the knees, our tummy, etc. However, the closer you get to the pink taco, the hotter it gets for us.

Pay attention to those sisters! Minora and Majora! They aren’t there to look pretty; they’re not something to suck on like a pacifier; they are tender pieces of meat that enjoy being tenderly kissed, licked, and touched. I have climaxed from my partner, focusing on them and my mound alone.

3. P is for perineum

In case nobody knows what this is, the perineum is that little unnoticed patch of flesh right in between the vaginal hole and the anus. This sweet little jellybean it’s also a product of collateral damage. The perineum might get a little pat on the head when your partner licks up and down. But it’s hardly focused on.

Why? Because it’s not the golden ticket. When most people think about going on a cruise, their focus is the destination. Not the food, not the boat, not the atmosphere, nothing else. Just the destination. Don’t do that. Please focus on the entire experience, a.k.a., everything she has in between her legs.

All of it is there to give her pleasure. And it would help if you utilized it. Forget what you were taught in school, college, from your friends, or in Cosmopolitan magazine, do your research with your fingers, tongue, penis, etc., and discover how important these little pieces of her body are.

That little patch of skin may seem insignificant, but licking it feels incredible. Especially if you allow your spit to drip down into her anus, or you flick it like you would the clitoris of your tongue. It is insanely arousing.

4. Clitoral facts

Let’s focus on this little button known as the clitoris. Yes, it is one of the most extreme and vulnerable places on a woman’s body you can stimulate. Yes, it can make or break an orgasm. And yes, it typically is the focal point of bringing a woman to orgasm. However, many people don’t know how to use this valuable piece of genitalia the proper way.

For many of us, the only knowledge we have is based on pornography, widespread tails among friends, and a complete lack of understanding of the female body. Still, I also blame the woman behind the clitoris for not speaking up and telling her partner how to please her.

It’s OK; it happens. But I’m here to break it down quickly. And yes, I am aware that women prefer different sensations when it comes to clitoris stimulation; however, one thing remains the same. Overstimulation. It is straightforward to overstimulate the clitoris to where it doesn’t feel good.

When you think you should focus on the clit, you must remember that this little button is extremely sensitive. Instead of devoting your time to sucking, licking, and triggering this button, try to use it sparingly. And when you do touch it, lick it, or utilize it, do it softly.

If you were going to be aggressive with her clitoris, either wait until she’s close to climaxing or does it for just a few moments randomly during sexual interaction.


This is a written testimony from my vaginal area. Could you pay more attention to me? All of me. There is so much more to me than you know, and focusing on the apparent pinpoints of my anatomy is a waste of my existence.

This should focus on any sexual relationship: sexual activity, fellatio, cunnilingus, or anything. Ignore what you see in media, pornography, or what you hear from your friends, don’t navigate your partner‘s body as if it is something you are taught.

You need to navigate as if you are a new explorer, looking for the treasure, experiencing that journey for yourself. Every individual is different, and everyone has other points of pleasure. It’s your job, as a person, to please your partner to the utmost of your ability. And doing so means focusing on all of them, not just some of them.

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