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SuperMemo UX- Extreme English Advanced and Proficient

SuperMemo UX- Extreme English  Advanced and Proficient
SuperMemo UX is a computer-assisted vocabulary learning software program that aims to help English-language learners gain broader and deeper lexical knowledge through a well-organized presentation of learning activities. SuperMemo UX resembles typical flashcard tools, but it is equipped with multimedia and a very user-friendly interface for learning and memorizing English vocabulary systematically.

The Extreme English Advanced and Proficient package of SuperMemo UX offers six courses, including Advanced, Proficiency, English Grammar, English Idioms, Phrasal Verbs, and Irregular Verbs. The content of this package contains 15,300 word entries, 88,400 exercises, 19,050 example sentences, and 26 hours of recordings in total. This review examines only the Proficiency course, which helps students learn new vocabulary items in both receptive and productive modes through visual aids, sound recordings, vocabulary quizzes, and comparison of learner’s pronunciations with sound recordings by a speech analyzer. The course content comprises 9,800 word entries, 22,000 exercises, 6 hours of recordings, and 350 pictures.

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